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Control Switch Box

Beacon > LTE1/LTD1-5 Warhead Light


The rotation axle has copper sleeve and adopts worm gear friction driving type,
as a result,the product has little mechanical wear,low noise and no dead centre.
the lamp house uses halogen tungsten bulb,which has long performance life,
high photoelectric conversion efficiency and convenient bulb change, A buzzer is
fixed in LTD1-5 is magnet adsorbent type,three rb ferroboron magnets contact
freely on curved surface of vehicles,which results in strong adsorbility,LTE1-5 is
screw setting type,which is applicable to motor-driven door,machine tool and sentry
box as signal indication.


Voltage: DC6V,DC12V,DC24V,AC220V
Power: 23W
Size: diameter: 120mm x 137mm H
Mounting: Magnetic or Screw
Red,Blue,Amber available

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