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Mini Light bars > TBD-L16B LED Mini Light Bar

The TBD-L16B LED Light bar is one of the most advanced LED Light Bars on the market. A complete 360-degree lighting system with extremely low amperage draw, uses our signature low profile design and is engineered to provide superior aerodynamics and greater fuel savings than other light bars. Each light bar contains 10 3LED modules.  In addition to getting a beautiful sleek light bar, also installed is a 15 pattern flasher at no additional cost to you. Trust us when we say this light is bright. So bright, that it is noticeable in direct sunlight.
The TBD-L16B LED Light Bar is fully encapsulated and fully waterproof. All LED modules and flasher boards are epoxy coated, keeping it safe from water.
Our Mini Light Bar is designed for those who need high output lights, with the simple function.  It is a great solution for those who need high intensity light output with out hurting their pocket books.
The TBD-L168 LED Light Bar comes standard with a 10-foot cord with ON/OFF switch cigarette plug and  40 LB magnet mounting brackets. Flash patterns can be changed from the cigarette plug as well

  • 10 3LED modules with 15 flash patterns
  • Light is clear when off for a stealthy look
  • 10 foot cord with cigarette adapter
  • Steadfast 40 LB magnetic mount

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