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LED Directional bar > TBD-L348D-4 Linear lightbar

  • Voltage: 9-13 VDC
  • All Gen III 1.0-watt LEDs
  • Dimensions: 44mm H x 500mm L x 59mm W
  • 4 x 4-watt LEDs in each module head
  • Features more than 15 flash patterns
  • Built in, waterproof, encapsulated driver
  • Sturdy aluminum frame with a black finish
  • Includes dimming capabilities for nighttime use
  • Water sealed and weather damage resistant unit
  • Includes side mounts for surface mounts and installation
  • Advanced MicroChip processor controls light functionality
  • Functions include directional, steady burn, takedown, and dimming
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant clips for easy installation and maintenance
  • 10 feet of RFi foil shielded cable provided for reliable and sturdy installation 
  • Powered by 12 V with cigarette plug
  • Connector clip made from reinforced polypropylene, with high tensile strength and rigidity
  • Red,blue,amber and white color LEDs available
  • Customs any length: two modules, four modules, six modules, eight modules and so on.
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